Papuan Trap

Will Naomi and Boris the pilot dodge the Papuan island’s traps?
Boris and Naomi had to make an emergency landing in a Papuan island. The island is very dangerous because it is inhabited by pirates who have driven away its inhabitants: the Papuans. But the Papuans want to go back and filled the island with traps to capture the pirates. Can you help our friends to dodge the Papuans’ traps and not fall into the hands of pirates?
Their success depends on you!

The Silk Road

Will Boris and Naomi know how to find their way back to civilization?
On their first trip, Naomi and Boris the pilot had to make an emergency landing in the mysterious lands of the Silk Road. To return to their country, they will have to walk through the buried city, take a tour through the lonely steppe and find the exit from the country of fruit juice. Can you help them overcome all the dangers that await them?
Go ahead, they count on you!

Outer space robots

Will Naomi and Boris the pilot deactivate the four crazy robots?
The plane in which Boris and Naomi were traveling has been abducted by an intergalactic mobile base. There, our friends have known aliens from all over the galaxy. Commander Mamba has asked them for help to deactivate four robots that have gone mad and threaten the safety of the ship. But they just can’t complete the task, will you give them a hand?
Come on, get to work!

Lost in the Desert

Will Boris and Naomi pass the desert’s tribulation?
Naomi and Boris the pilot are stuck in the desert of Libya, where Boris the pilot’s plane has suffered an emergency landing. Luckily they were able to take refuge in an oasis! There they have met other castaways of the desert and, together, they have to find a way back to civilization. But they need your help. Will you know how to guide them to get out of the desert?
High Spirits, nothing is written!

Underground Mysteries

Will Naomi and Boris decipher the mystery of the old abandoned mine?
Everything is mysterious in this adventure of Boris and Naomi. Not even their friend Dr. Crick behaves normally. His assistants are involved in the disappearance of a dangerous secret scientific formula. And a dangerous criminal organization pursues them in the ruins of an old coal mine. Can you save Dr. Crick’s assistants and prevent the formula from ending into the hands of the gangsters?
The world depends on you!

Gate of Atlantis

Will Boris and Naomi discover the lost secret of Atlantis?
Boris’s plane, in which Naomi was traveling, has had to do an emergency landing in the ocean. Fortunately they have been able to reach a small island inhabited by an enigmatic character: the gatekeeper of Atlantis. With his help, our friends will try to reach the lost city. But a trip to the bottom of the sea awaits them where they will have to overcome many dangers, can they count on your help?

Surviving in the Andes

Will Naomi and Boris the pilot survive their accident in the mountains of the Andes?
Naomi and Boris had to make an emergency landing in the snowy mountains of South America. There they have discovered very curious animals like guanacos, pumas and condors. But the real danger they’re facing are the members of the survival school “We shall prevail”. Without your help, they will not make it, can you lend a hand?
The adventure is yours!