Toni has three children. They are 6, 8 and 10 year old and they have played with iPhone and iPad since they were almost babies. Toni and his wife found wonderful games for their offspring while they were very young. But it became very dificult to find interesting games for boys and girls from 6 up.

They were looking for apps suitable to their ages. They didn’t want their children to play with games that had famous TV characters in the main roles, neither apps based on school activities. The apps they found didn’t like Toni and his wife very much. That’s why they decided to create their own game collection for boys and girls from 6 up.
The result is a collection of 8 apps with smart games full of dangerous and exciting adventures. The main character is Naomi: a 9 year old girl that goes through amazing adventures along with a pilot named Boris.
Toni’s three children have been the testers of the games of Naomi and the pilot adventures. That’s why the games adapt to the younger child –6 year old– and, at the same time, are a challenge for the oldest one, who is 10. The 3 brothers’ classmates and their families have involved too in the design and tests of these games.
That’s why what you will find in these apps is very different from the most usual standards for game apps. They are smart games for smart kids. Created from the families for the families. Games that will entertain them and, at the same time, will help them to develop the basic competences of intelligence that children need for the school learning.

Who we are?

Located in Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain, BCNmultimedia was founded in 1994 by Toni Matas. BCNmultimedia is the premier publisher of Christian contents for kids on the App Store with its engaging series of apps to read, pray and play with the Bible.
With 20 years of experience developing educational interactive games, the BM team has been working for a whole year on the release of The Adventures of Naomi and the Pilot, a new approach to the values that define its publisher policy. The pictures and games ideas were created by worldwide acclaimed comic book illustrator Picanyol, author of the all the pictures in the Children’s Bible app.